This is a multi-lingual colour naming experiment. By taking part you are helping us to develop an online colour naming model to facilitate colour communication within and across cultures. As part of this simple experiment you will be asked to name a series of colour samples. Please read the agreement statement and click Start now.


Your participation in this study will remain confidential. Data is stored on a secure Unix server along with your IP addresses. The experimental data collected in this study will be used to develop an Online Colour Naming Model and may be shared with other researchers if requested. ALL personal data will be removed, so that NO data can be traced back to the observer.

Participation and withdrawal:

The participation in this study is only for over 16 years old and voluntary. Please note that you may withdraw at any time without any penalty.


By clicking Start you confirm that you have understood the provided information and agree to take part in this study.



Colour Name:
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Burgundy
255 0 0

This is a βeta version of Colournamer. You will need JavaScript enabled and a browser that supports HTML5 web audio.


This research aims to develop an online colour naming model to facilitate colour communication within & between cultures. Our study has been endorsed by the International Colour Association (AIC) throught its Study Group on the Language of Colour.

Title: Colournamer - An Online Colour Naming Model
Researcher: Dimitris Mylonas
Current Host Academic Institution: Department of Computer Science, University College
London (UCL)

1st Supervisor: Dr Lewis Griffin
2nd Supervisor: Prof Andrew Stockman
3rd Supervisor: Dr Lindsay MacDonald
Host Academic Institution 2013-2014: Media & Arts Technology, School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Queen Mary University of London (QMUL)
Host Academic Institution 2011-2013: Wellcome Laboratory of Neurobiology, Institute of Neuroesthetics, University College London (UCL)
PI: Professor Semir Zeki
Host Academic Institution 2010-2011: School of Psychology, Laboratory of Visual Perseption, University of Liverpool
PI: Professor Sophie Wuerger
This project was initiated as part of: MSc Digital Colour Imaging
Supervisor: Professor Lindsay MacDonald
Course Director: Dr Phil Green
Host Academic Institution (2007-2009): London College of Communication, University of Arts
Munsell REnotation Data: Rochester Institute of Technology The Munsell Color Science Laboratory
CU Dynamic Colour Vision Test: Professor John Barbur at the City University with support from the UK Civil Aviation Authority
Web Technical Support (2008-2010): Harris Sidiropoulos
Friendly online and offline support: Andi Studer, Netaudio London
Interface Web Development: Jon Stutters, Queen Square MS Centre, UCL
Front-end Web Development: Christoph Guttandin
Math Advisor: Dr Michael Studer
Video Editing: Dimitris Tsolakis
English Translation: Jonathan Dickens
Greek Translation: Lina Avramidou
Spanish Translation: Lena Cambero
Catalan Translation: Gemma Ponsa
German Translation: Heidi Pfund
Italian Translation: Paola Fumagalli & Chiara Panosetti
Simplified Chinese Translation: Ho Alan & Qingmei Huang
Traditional Chinese Translation: Ho Alan
French Translation: Alex Ajbdraw
Korean Translation: 김한나 - Hanna Kim
Danish Translation: Nynne Horn
Lithuanian Translation: Dovile Meliauskaite
Thai Translation: Associate Professor Pichayada Katemake
Portuguese Translation: Carla Cruz
Swedish Translation: Nicoline Kinch & Karl Ryberg
Russian Translation: Anastasia Sorokina, Prof Galina Paramei & Dr Yulia Griber
Japanese Translation: Chizuru KOGA
Turkish Translation: Begüm Ulusoy & Ayşe Yıldıran
Vietnamese Translation: Nguyen Long Giang
Dutch Translation: Jeannette Hanenburg
Norwegian Translation: A. Prof Kine Angelo
Polish Translation: Dr. Agata Kwiatkowska-Lubańska, Cracow Academy of Fine Arts & Dr. Arch. Justyna Tarajko-Kowalska, Cracow University of Technology
Illustration: Valero Doval
Fine art Printing: CCG, Thessaloniki, Greece
Sound recording and English Voice: Patrick Furness, London, UK
Greek Voice: Aspa & Vasia Paspali, London, UK & Athens, Greece
German Voice: Barbara Gamper, London, UK
Spanish Voice: Ignasia Mesa, London, UK
Thai Voice: Nanda Khaorapapong, London, UK
Russian Voice: Dr Yulia Griber, Smolensk State University, Russia
Turkish Voice: Begüm Ulusoy
Farbtastic: jQuery color picker plug-in (orientation modified): Steven Wittens

Purpose of the research:

  • To determine multicultural sets of basic colour terms, compounds, modifiers and secondary colour names which are in wide use.
  • To locate multicultural colour names in Munsell, sRGB, CIELAB and CIECAM02.
  • To investigate colour naming and colour categorization within different cultures.
  • To develop a colour-naming model.

What you will do in this experiment (approximate duration 10 min):

  • We will ask you to give us information on your display technology and viewing conditions.
  • We will test your colour vision with a 90 sec short video.
  • We will present to you a series of colour patches, one sample at a time, and ask you to name it by using natural language.
  • We will ask you to give us information on your cultural background.

Crowdfunding Project:

In September 2016, we've run a successful Kickstarter project, entitled Colours of Babel, to upgrade our online experiment to run on all new devises, minimize security threats and maintain our online presence free without advertisements. We thank all our 96 supporters for helping us raise 112% of our funding goal. You can find below a colour-coded list with our most precious donors:

Ruby Donors:

Emerald Donors:

  • Aspa Paspali, Consultant Adolescent Psychiatrist


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Please use the following communication form to give us your feedback and comments or if you wish to inform you about the results of this research.